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31 January 2009

2009: nagbabalik sa blog


Grabeh ang tagal ko nang hindi nagpopost dito sa blog ko. 2007 ang last kong nilagay..hehehe..lumipas ang 2008 wala man lang ako nailagay..hay. Buti nasilip ko sya ulit..ay gusto ko naman mabasa ng ibang lahi itong blog ko...teka itry ko mag-english.
How to start this message...hmmmm today i just finished attending funky line and bodyjam class at true fitness gym it was good to sweat for good reason. I'm still awake and its already 12:18am. I hope tomorrow i'll be able to wake up early, need to go to the market by 7:30am to catch fresh fish, i mean to be the first to buy good kind of fish. Woohh healthy food choices..hehehe..sorry to some ha, my english is quite local already not the same type of english grammar i have learned from manila..hehehe..To some they know what i mean(my friends)

I'd like to add a picture of where i stayed during the holidays of 2008 or the christmas season of 2008.

This is Leyte my mother's hometown:

That's me posing at the rice field area. To most people who live in that area it's difficult living, maybe because there comparing to life in the city. Another reason would be money, it's difficult to have money in the province specially when most people don't have.
The land they toil doesn't belong to them and the seed they plant they have to buy and the money to buy the seed is borrowed from short, farmers in this area are really poor specially if they don't owned the land.
Here is a typical house in Leyte where in the category of most people in the city consider living in poor situation:

Here is the shower room, it's an improvise one and the walls are washable and easy to dry. Don't take a bath naked you should atleast use a "sarong" to cover yourself otherwise passersby won't like what they will see (you naked) hehehe..

Would you be surpise? The house i showed you is where i stayed for 1 week during my dec holidays in the Phillipines, its quite good experience. Just being able to remind myself that in life its not always comfortable there will be difficulty but that doesn't mean you won't be able to smile =).
Was my wordings nice? Goodnight or Good morning to some.

13 October 2007

My first Yoga

This saturday my plan was to finish my laundry at around 10am but instead i finished by 11:30 because i got up from bed around 9am and started my laundry by 10am. I only have few clothes to wash but i used hand wash rather than machine wash because most of my clothes are not advisable for machine wash. Anyway so much for that explanation on laundry. I have an appointment at 3pm with my trainer at the gym to orient me on the use of gym equipments and to check what kind of exercise should i do to meet my goal for the program i signed up with them. After the orientation since its late to go to the office and today is a holiday and i don't feel like working at around 4:30pm, i decided to do some workout on cardio. While doing some cardio workout the weather outside the gym was rainy so i decided to stay longer in the gym until the rain stops. I attended yoga class to try and check out what most of my friends like about attending this kind of exercise. My idea of it was stretching and bending bodies like you're a circus star but as first timer i was a bit nervous that i wont be able to do the exercise because the class was Hot Yoga for intermediate. I ask the instructor "Can i attend the class even if i'm a beginner?" He said "You can try". So i did try, it was more sweating than a regular exercise like jogging and cycling..i was just doing it for 10 minutes and i'm sweating like nonstop and my intake of water was 2x than my usual..hahaha..But it was good. I think this wont be my last time..i might come back for more.

12 October 2007

Nice to see you in KL

When I answered a call from my handphone last tuesday afternoon I thought it was a prank call from someone i don't know but to my surprise she was my chruchmate from JFCM. Her call surprise me not because wasn't expecting it but because that time i was really busy at work and there are a lot of things in my mind. So when i was able to compose myself i told her that i will try to meet her at the hotel where she stayed that time. It was really fortunate that i dont need to stay late in the office so i hurried up going to KL to meet with her.
My intention was to treat her and her friends to dinner that time but to my surprise they were only two person. I have to persuade them to accompany me to dinner that time because they were contended already with crackers but i insisted we ate rice. I was actually the only one who's hungry that time and it was a good excuse to bring them to KLCC so that they can take some photos there.
I know that I made them a little tired that night but it's worth because you've got to have photos from the twin tower to prove u've been Malaysia, which is one of the countries pride here.
I want to tell her in my blog that i was happy to see her and how i wish that time could go with her back home in my country.